The Composite Factory

Composite factories vary wildly depending on industry and component function. However they all still have the underlying elements are the same.

This Composite Factory training course aims at opening the door on the core elements that are needed as well as good lessons to learn from different sectors.

This course is suitable for a range of roles including:

  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Line / Operational Managers
  • Directors / Business Leaders
  • Supply Chain Engineers / Managers
  • Quality Professionals

This course covers:

  • Typical layouts and process flows
  • Processes that clash / effect with each other
  • What styles of equipment are needed
  • General services and plant needed
  • What environmental conditions need to be considered
  • What digital tools can be installed

This course will cover a range of manufacturing techniques but we can customise this to only include the ones relevant to your business.

We expect students to have a basic understanding of composites and an understanding of manufacturing processes is highly encouraged

We can deliver this at your facility for £200 per person up to 10 people per group*. We can also deliver this at a local venue near you for a small additional price.

The course is one day (0900 – 1630) with all of it in an interactive classroom setting.

*minimum of 4 people required

This course pairs brilliantly with any of our manufacturing courses to see the layout and the technique come together.

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