Composite Quality Management

Unlike other engineering materials, the final properties of a composite are made at the point of manufacture. Therefore both the raw materials and the individual process need to be carefully monitored and controlled.

This Composite Quality Management training course sets out the ways how the processes can be monitored and what results to look out for.

The course if aimed at people involved with the production of composites including:

  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Quality Professionals
  • Project Engineers / Managers
  • Line / Operational Managers
  • Supply Chain Engineers / Managers

This course covers composite specific quality control processes regardless of manufacturing technique. Key areas covered include::

  • Raw material paperwork and what it means
  • Environmental controls
  • Common composite process flows
  • Effective instruction writing
  • Types of manufacturing data to be captured
  • How data is captured and where does it go next
  • Overview of Human Factor Analysis

While this course doesn’t directly match the standard, this course follows the principles within ISO 9001

We expect students to have a basic understanding of composites. 

Understanding of composite manufacturing techniques is useful but not a requirement.

We can deliver this at your facility for £200 per person up to 10 people per group*. We can also deliver this at a local venue near you for a small additional price.

The course is one day (0900 – 1630) with all of it in an interactive classroom setting.

*minimum of 4 people required

This course pairs brilliantly with our H&S Management course. 

Engineers would also benefit from looking at our Composite Factory and Manufacturing Fundamentals courses.

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