Composite Training Services

We provide training that extends beyond the classroom and into every day working practices

At Access Composites, we believe that being great at the big things has to start with being great at the small things first.

To do this we offer a range of composite training courses that are perfect for getting into composites, changing processes / jobs within the industry or to really solidify the basic skill sets.

About us

Composites is one of the fastest growing engineering industries to be in. There are objects all around us that are made of composites and most people don’t even know. At Access Composites, we want to see more companies unlock the full power behind what composites can bring.

We believe that this success can only be built on a foundation of knowledge and skills, which is why we offer personalised support and training. From our range of experience, we will get to know you, your company and your teams to create to the exact support that you need to succeed. 

Our trainers are passionate about composites and provide the best possible learning and instruction so that you can achieve your goals. While each of our courses have set outcomes, we can tailor the way in which the course is delivered. Doing this allows the training to still be relevant to your company but adds wider experiences from other sectors.

Training Courses

Individual Courses

Our range of individual courses are ideal short, yet punchy, training sessions that can deliver the targeted information. We are always adding new courses so keep checking this list.

Packaged Courses

Rather than working out what skills you need for a certain role, we have done the hard work for you. We have a range of course packages ideal for people looking to build up the skill set for a certain role.

Custom Courses

We are able to create custom courses that train specific techniques and ways of working. We can customise our individual courses to follow your internal processes to build up familiarity.

How we deliver training


We know that having lots of people taking time out for training is not what any business wants. We also know that businesses don’t want the expense of sending people up and down the country to do that training.

As part of our support to you, all of our courses are designed to be delivered at your own site, with the tools, equipment and environment that your staff are going to see day to day. On the times where space is an issue or the equipment isn’t available, we will either bring our own equipment with us or we will use our network to find somewhere nearby to host the training. 

Delivery Style

We hate the idea of mindless scrolling through PowerPoints almost as much as testing for the sake of testing. The knowledge we train is going to be used in the real world so that is where our training happens.

Not only do we use environments that are as realistic as possible, we use as many real life examples from both relevant and adjacent sectors. We aim that on our courses, students are sitting listening / watching for no more than 30 minutes at a time. We believe that getting stuck in as much as possible is the best way to make sure the training carries straight back in to the day job.

Our Support Services

As well as our training courses, we are able to offer a range of composite specific support services. Check out the ways in which we can help below.

Recruitment and New Starter Support

Choosing the right people to come into your business is such a vital step for any company. It can also be a scary and possibly costly investment. 

We want to make sure that you have the confidence you have made the right recruitment choices and that anyone new to your business gets up to speed as quickly as possible.

We have the ability to carry out trade tests for both skilled and unskilled workers. At the end of these tests, we can provide you with a quantitative and qualitative assessment of your candidates allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Additionally, once they have started. We can provide them their initial composite training and any statutory training (H&S, IT security, quality etc.).

As well as the baseline training, we have the ability to learn your products and processes to then train that out to your new starters. This way, you don’t take your experienced staff off the job and your new starters get onto the job quicker with more confidence.

Want to know more? Come and have a chat to us about what tailor made solutions we can make for you.

Recruitment and new starter support
Engineering and Operational Support

Engineering and Operational Support

While training can provide the skills and best practice, too many times have newly trained staff gone into businesses and fallen into the standard bad practices.

At Access Composites, we want to help move you forward in all aspects of your operation. Therefore we can offer the following engineering and operation support.

  • Concept generation
  • Process selection
  • Factory / process setup
  • Manufacturing quality control and fault finding
  • Independent supply chain guidance
  • Skills analysis
  • Roadmapping

Get in touch to talk through your business and let us show you how we can help.

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