Mould Tool Design

A mould tool is 50% of the final component and can often be a large amount of the initial cost of a component. Therefore getting it right first time is key

Our Mould Tool Design training course goes through the key elements of what you need to design the right tools for various processes.

While principally a design course, this course has been made suitable for a range of technical skill levels including:

  • Design Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Supplier Quality Professionals
  • Senior technicians


This course covers general tooling principles including:

  • Terminology used with tooling 
  • General dimensions / design rules
  • Materials used
  • Moulding features (pins/bushes, scribes etc.)
  • Surface finish and release procedures
  • Specific features for component processes
  • Tool design exercise

While we have our own design exercise, if you have a component you want to use then we can look to include this instead. 

We would expect all students to have a basic understanding of what composites are. 

There is no need to have any previous design knowledge or any ability to use CAD software. 

We can deliver this at your facility for £200 per person up to 10 people per group*. We can also deliver this at a local venue near you for a small additional price.

The course is one day (0900 – 1630) with all of it in an interactive classroom setting.

*minimum of 4 people required

If you haven’t done so already, this course is a great platform to go on to our Design Fundamentals course as you will understand how important it is to get the tooling requirements sorted early.

You can also jump in to any of our manufacturing courses with much greater confidence on knowing what good and bad moulds look like.

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