Resin Infusion Fundamentals

Resin infusion is a massively diverse technique being used from simple flat panels all the way up to futuristic aircraft.

This Resin Infusion Fundamentals course teaches how to craft the materials to shape as well as the vital steps needed before the resin is unleashed into the part.

This course is primarily aimed at technicians and operators from those new to composites but can also be for:

  • Direct line managers
  • Manufacturing / Production Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Senior Managers
  • Experienced technicians converting to infusion techiques

This course covers:

  • Materials that are typically used
  • Storing, cutting and handling dry materials
  • Mixing and preparing resins
  • Infusion strategies and consumables
  • Basic ply layup
  • Shearing / manipulating techniques
  • Monitoring and controlling the infusion

Students should have a basic understanding of what a composite is but some of this will be reinforced on this course. 

This is a practical course so should be happy working within a workshop environment and with a basic understanding of simple hand tools.

We can deliver this at your facility for £460 per person up to 10 people per group*. We can also deliver this at a local venue near you for a small additional price.

The course is two days (0900 – 1630) with some theory but as much practical as possible.

*minimum of 4 people required

Once you have got a grip of the basics, the key is to practice more on different shapes. We can create training courses on the specific parts you need. Just get in touch to find out more.

Alternatively, have a look at some of the alternative manufacturing techniques to allow you to manufacture composites with a range of different skills

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