Joining of Composites Theory

Joining of composites components throws up additional challenges when compared to metals or bulk polymers but it also provides some unique solutions to other complex problem.

This Joining of Composites Theory training course picks apart the both the theory and practicalities behind some of the different techniques used.

This course is principally a design course aimed at:

  • Design Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Senior / Specialist Technicians

This course covers bonded and mechanically fastened joints in particular looking at:

  • Materials / Fasteners used
  • Joint shape designs
  • Typical Failures modes
  • Hand calculation for early concepts
  • Practicalities for making joints

This course is primarily focussed around Thermoset joining, it does also cover some thermoplastic welding techniques.

We would expect that people on this course have a good knowledge of composites and an appreciation of composite design techniques.

A good understanding of maths is recommended but there is no need for any knowledge of CAD packages.

We can deliver this at your facility for £400 per person up to 10 people per group*. We can also deliver this at a local venue near you for a small additional price.

The course is two days (0900 – 1630) with all of it in an interactive classroom setting.

*minimum of 4 people required

From this course you can look further into:

  • Practical Joining of Composites
  • Classical Laminate Analysis
  • FEA of Composites

While not currently live, we are developing a practical joining of composites course. Get in touch for more information and to register your interest.

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